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Dear Sisters and Brothers,


Greetings from Our Lady of Lourdes! Our stewardship committee has a different approach to stewardship this year, one I am very excited about because I think it will reach more people. In this initial phase, we are concentrating on Time and Talent and how we can make our parish more active and dynamic. In this phase every member of our parish will be contacted because we want everyone, from the young to the elderly, the rich and the poor, the educated and the uneducated to know that each member of the parish can make a difference as they share their Time and Talent with the church community. Getting faith into every corner of our lives is my personal vision for this year’s stewardship drive. This letter calls on us to “grasp the vision” (not just our checkbooks!) of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. If every member of our parish tries to build a deeper commitment to Jesus, our church will never be short of what it needs to carry out His mission. In teaching His disciples, Jesus sometimes used the example of a steward. A steward, in Jesus’ time, was a servant to whom the household was turned over when an owner traveled away from home. This trusted servant was expected to conduct the business of the house as if the master himself were there; taking care of needs when they arose and making wise and responsible decisions. This is the challenge Jesus offers us who would follow him: to become stewards in God’s work on earth. For each of us, that involves taking responsibility to see that God’s work gets done. Please use these forms to help you identify your gifts of Time, Talent, and Treasure and then be generous in sharing them with the parish so that God’s work can get done. Thank you and be assured of my continued prayers.


Sincerely yours,

Fr. Pat Reynolds

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