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Koinonia is a Greek word found in the Bible that is translated into English as “community” or “communion”


Community is at the heart of Koinonia retreats. Koinonia is a laity lead retreat providing a great opportunity to grow into a deeper relationship with Christ and the church. Past participants give talks and lead discussions. The atmosphere is relaxing, yet one of celebrations and fun.

Parish Connection and Spiritual Growth
We are called to grow in our faith and share our faith with others. If you are new to our church family or looking for ways to connect with others and grow your relationship with God, Koinonia is for you.

Who can attend?
Each Koinonia retreat is for adults 18 years or older and open to those of all faiths. The weekend is experienced from a Catholic perspective, but being Catholic is certainly not required.

Why Koinonia?
When I experienced Koinonia for the first time, no one gave me any real details about the retreat weekend. They simply said Koinonia was something I had to experience myself. I’m not sharing either because you too must experience it for yourself. It is a life changing and powerful experience. The weekend begins with a meal, introducing the team members and meeting the other participants, most of whom you will already know. By the end of the retreat, you will find a common thread and it will become very clear all those sharing Koinonia are one family in our faith. You will pray, you will sing, you will eat, you will laugh, you will cry, you will eat again, and you will change.

Koinonia Form

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